Furniture And House Items That Double As Fitness Equipment

It is not necessary to drive across town to a well-equipped gym to score a great exercise. This is not a great idea because there are other alternatives to get the same result. One alternate is working out at home. This is so quick and easy to do. You can use home furniture and utensils as helping aid in a workout. In short, you have all the things to convert it to a high-end gym.


The couch is best for any exercises which require sustaining a good mass of your body weight.

Glute bridge with elevated feet

You can use the couch for push-ups. Place your feet on the couch and consume your energy by pushing body up. You can also perform following types of exercises with the help of the couch:

Single and double leg hip thrust

Triceps dip

Mountain climber

Single-leg squat


You can get some cardio with the help of a staircase. Following are the benefits you can get with the help of staircase:

i. Staircase sprint

Running up and down on staircase skipping every second step can aid in increasing the glute activation.

ii. Depth jump

You can perform giant step forward towards the ground in a squat position while feet should flat on the floor. Continue this jumping until you are able to jump immediately after you land.

Chairs can be used in the exercise to get benefits from it. Following types of exercises can be performed with the help of a chair:

i. Calf raise

Placing one hand on the back of a chair for balance and standing next to a chair push through your feet to raise your heels high and lower them.

ii. Lunge

While standing in front of chair apart your feet hip-width, place the hand on the chair for balancing your body. In this position keeping your chest forward and shoulder up, take a long step towards the front with one foot and then bow both of your knees towards the floor. When the thigh of the leg in front is parallel to the floor, pause, return to your start position. In reverse lunge step back instead of forwarding.


i. Wall sit for a specific time

Stand with your back against the wall and apart your feet in hip-width. Bend knees and go into squat position, in this position hold your body for the amount of time you want.

ii. Feet up the wall

Face towards wall go into high-plank position in this position soles of your feet should flat. Brace your body like you are going to get a punch in the gut, keeping your body straight from head to toe, slowly move your hands towards the wall and take your feet up the wall. In next turn reverse the movement.


Leg lift

Hanging off your legs on the edges of bed lie on your back. Extend legs keeping in air, and this should make your body L-shaped. Keep your body in this position, while keeping your legs together and straight, start lowering legs till they reach below the top of the bed and after that squeeze your abs to lift legs back to start.

Details on Conor McGregor Supplements, Workout and Diet Routine

UFC star Conor McGregor is at the top of the game right now, while a lot of his grasp over the game has to do with his techniques in MMA his power-packed punches and incredible defense, but his diet and workout regime is what turns him into a powerhouse and fuels him to do his best. If you are someone who wants to get inspired by his whole regime or are just interested in knowing what makes him the UFC star that he is today, then keep on reading.

Diet Routine:

As you might imagine, McGregor pays maximum attention to what goes in his body whether he has a big fight coming up or not. It is all about consistency, and he does not mess around with food one bit. He says he tries to eat healthy all the time. McGregor steers clear of takeaways and due to the importance of staying hydrated drinks a lot of water or coconut water. The UFC champion’s diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. To ensure this he eats lots of chicken, salmon, any good meat basically and makes sure that his diet contains lots of green products and fruits as well. While he gets most of his nutrition from food, when you train like a UFC fighter you need to take supplements, and for that McGregor just takes a protein supplement, which delivers a lot of protein but keeps him lean at the same time.

Workout and Training:

McGregor is against any sort of restrictions when it comes to workout timings and strict workout regimes. His most significant concern is the balance, and for that, he practices a lot of yoga in the form of planks, headstands, and extensions. He says he hits the gym whenever he feels like it and does not get obsessed with one skill or style. The main focus is on developing movement and using bodyweight exercises as opposed to just getting jacked or pumping iron. He sometimes takes a class of jiu-jitsu or taekwondo, at times he boxes and sometimes he does yoga. Variety is key here, and for McGregor, a fixed Work out regime does not do anything.
For strength and power, he uses a lot of free weights for building both balance and strength at the same time; these weights are used in the exercises like pistol squats and single-leg deadlifts. Most moves that are done are the ones that utilize the full body, such as handstands with leg raises and lifts, burpees, dead hang pull ups, muscle ups, handstands which work great for your core and balance. McGregor also incorporates animal movements in his workout, for example, a lizard crawl, which strengthens and provides agility in your movement, both of which are very important in mixed martial arts.

Conor McGregor Secret Supplements

The main thing that appears in Conor McGregor’s Diet and Workout routine is that he follows one principle to remain as fit as he is, and that is to have a fixed routine in his diet but to keep on mixing things up in his workout. This is what makes things fun and useful for McGregor and can do so for you as well. His trainer has said on multiple occasions that the supplements Conor McGregor uses are vital to his success with building lean muscle. Find out about the Conor McGregor Supplements he take here. It has been reported the he may face suspension for using these particular supplements.

Steroids- Not All Bad After All!

We all think that using steroids as a form of treatment is never a viable one because it eventually starts to produce negative effects in your body. But, we need to understand why exactly doctors prefer using this in a specific treatment.

The reason is obviously some of the positive effects that steroids have, and this article will talk about all those benefits.

  • Steroids help to increase the recovery speed in our bodies. Cortisol is a hormone in our body that handles stress but at the same time damages muscle tissues that are used in the recovery of injuries etc. When steroids are taken the production of these hormones is regulated, and recovery from injury is improved.
  • Steroids are known to multiply the amount of nitrogen we have in our body and this in result helps to increase the muscle size as well. Increased nitrogen basically fastens the production of the protein which is used for muscle production. Steroids will help increase muscles without any rigorous training, but if that is combined, then results will be surprising.
  • Steroids users after some time get a fast metabolism rate. This helps to reduce their body fat and therefore also achieve the goal of fat loss. Along with this, steroids increase the production of some cells that are called “mitochondria,” which help to oxidize and therefore reduce fat.
  • We all keep talking about the harmful effects of steroids, but little do we discuss its surprising efforts in treating many medical conditions. One type is steroid helps to strengthen bones and is, therefore, helping to treat osteoporosis. Some forms of cancer are being controlled and to some extent are being treated with the aid of steroids. Steroids are being used to treat people that get into massive accidents, and this helps to recover them at a much faster rate than normal.
  • Steroids have proven to be a source of increased red blood cell production. There is a disease known as hemolytic anemia in which the production of red blood cells is stopped. If steroids weren’t there, then these patients would really have no other choice. Steroids have helped to increase their life span. Steroids have also proven to increase stamina and general energy levels. Due to this reason, a lot of athletics use steroids, and they all are pretty much satisfied with the results.
  • Steroids help to increase physical strength and body endurance levels. This means that people will feel stronger and of course, the muscle increase will surely reflect the same thing. Their endurance level increases because they are able to withstand rigorous training regimes. This is the reason why many bodybuilders and trainers have been forever attracted towards steroids. It helps them achieve their body goals faster.
  • Steroids have also proved to help males who are specifically having sexual performance issues. The steroids increase production of testosterone which their body is not capable of producing anymore. The amount is set by the external administration.

However, their long-term and unmonitored use cause several side effects. So, one needs to be careful while using the steriods.

Dwayne Johnson Arrested For Supplying Banned Steroids

Some day before there was news that superstar Dwayne Johnson popularly known as ‘The Rock’ was arrested for supplying HGH (steroids) in Australia. This was really shocking news for Dwayne’s fans but later he came out of this case with a clean chit. Dwayne Johnson arrested by cops admitted that he was not carrying the steroids but a supplement called Pure Muscle-X. After the verification of his claims, he was released with a clean chit. Experts claim that his arrest was just a fabrication by some of the misleading people for the sake gaining popularity.

Apart from this news, the celebrity is also famous for his muscular body and often people look for the supplements that he takes so as to get a body like him. Celeritous including athletes, actors and body builders have such a hectic schedule that they get hard time to look after their body. So, they find it easy to consume the supplements, pills or take injections that help them to grow their muscle naturally.

Different between steroids and supplements

Lots of companies are offering steroids and dietary supplements for promoting better health and good physique. Steroid and dietary supplements both have the same functions in the body but the steroids are the organic compounds that are produced by the body naturally. In order to increase the amount of steroids in the body, a synthetic steroid that is manufactured is consumed to improve the muscular endurance. It has most negative consequences on the body. It is a synthetic version of the testosterone which is the male hormone for muscle building and development of the masculine characteristics like puberty, growth of body hair, increased muscular power etc. As steroids are included in the drugs they are considered as not good for health. On the contrary, dietary supplements are considered as a healthy way to boost up the endurance of the body. The supplements are supposed to provide the essential nutrients that are required by the body. So, when an individual consumes the supplements, they are able to get the right amount of nutrients which they are unable to receive from the regular diet.

Switch to dietary supplements

There are different types of dietary supplements that are responsible for inducing the nutrients in the body in the most natural way. You can find protein supplements, vitamin supplements, testosterone supplement, creatin, omega-3 and few more. Almost all the celebrities prefer consuming these health supplements for boosting their overall health. These are also categorized as legal and have fewer side effects in case they are not taken as per the instruction. Out of these, protein supplements are popular among the people. Since, proteins are the building blocks of the muscles in a body so when a person starts consuming protein supplements, they are able to achieve a muscular body within short span of time. It is responsible for burning extra calories from your body and melts the body fat to give you lean and muscular body. Taking the right supplements in the required dosage can help in getting a muscular and fit body.