Details on Conor McGregor Supplements, Workout and Diet Routine

UFC star Conor McGregor is at the top of the game right now, while a lot of his grasp over the game has to do with his techniques in MMA his power-packed punches and incredible defense, but his diet and workout regime is what turns him into a powerhouse and fuels him to do his best. If you are someone who wants to get inspired by his whole regime or are just interested in knowing what makes him the UFC star that he is today, then keep on reading.

Diet Routine:

As you might imagine, McGregor pays maximum attention to what goes in his body whether he has a big fight coming up or not. It is all about consistency, and he does not mess around with food one bit. He says he tries to eat healthy all the time. McGregor steers clear of takeaways and due to the importance of staying hydrated drinks a lot of water or coconut water. The UFC champion’s diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. To ensure this he eats lots of chicken, salmon, any good meat basically and makes sure that his diet contains lots of green products and fruits as well. While he gets most of his nutrition from food, when you train like a UFC fighter you need to take supplements, and for that McGregor just takes a protein supplement, which delivers a lot of protein but keeps him lean at the same time.

Workout and Training:

McGregor is against any sort of restrictions when it comes to workout timings and strict workout regimes. His most significant concern is the balance, and for that, he practices a lot of yoga in the form of planks, headstands, and extensions. He says he hits the gym whenever he feels like it and does not get obsessed with one skill or style. The main focus is on developing movement and using bodyweight exercises as opposed to just getting jacked or pumping iron. He sometimes takes a class of jiu-jitsu or taekwondo, at times he boxes and sometimes he does yoga. Variety is key here, and for McGregor, a fixed Work out regime does not do anything.
For strength and power, he uses a lot of free weights for building both balance and strength at the same time; these weights are used in the exercises like pistol squats and single-leg deadlifts. Most moves that are done are the ones that utilize the full body, such as handstands with leg raises and lifts, burpees, dead hang pull ups, muscle ups, handstands which work great for your core and balance. McGregor also incorporates animal movements in his workout, for example, a lizard crawl, which strengthens and provides agility in your movement, both of which are very important in mixed martial arts.

Conor McGregor Secret Supplements

The main thing that appears in Conor McGregor’s Diet and Workout routine is that he follows one principle to remain as fit as he is, and that is to have a fixed routine in his diet but to keep on mixing things up in his workout. This is what makes things fun and useful for McGregor and can do so for you as well. His trainer has said on multiple occasions that the supplements Conor McGregor uses are vital to his success with building lean muscle. Find out about the Conor McGregor Supplements he take here. It has been reported the he may face suspension for using these particular supplements.