Dwayne Johnson Arrested For Supplying Banned Steroids

Some day before there was news that superstar Dwayne Johnson popularly known as ‘The Rock’ was arrested for supplying HGH (steroids) in Australia. This was really shocking news for Dwayne’s fans but later he came out of this case with a clean chit. Dwayne Johnson arrested by cops admitted that he was not carrying the steroids but a supplement called Pure Muscle-X. After the verification of his claims, he was released with a clean chit. Experts claim that his arrest was just a fabrication by some of the misleading people for the sake gaining popularity.

Apart from this news, the celebrity is also famous for his muscular body and often people look for the supplements that he takes so as to get a body like him. Celeritous including athletes, actors and body builders have such a hectic schedule that they get hard time to look after their body. So, they find it easy to consume the supplements, pills or take injections that help them to grow their muscle naturally.

Different between steroids and supplements

Lots of companies are offering steroids and dietary supplements for promoting better health and good physique. Steroid and dietary supplements both have the same functions in the body but the steroids are the organic compounds that are produced by the body naturally. In order to increase the amount of steroids in the body, a synthetic steroid that is manufactured is consumed to improve the muscular endurance. It has most negative consequences on the body. It is a synthetic version of the testosterone which is the male hormone for muscle building and development of the masculine characteristics like puberty, growth of body hair, increased muscular power etc. As steroids are included in the drugs they are considered as not good for health. On the contrary, dietary supplements are considered as a healthy way to boost up the endurance of the body. The supplements are supposed to provide the essential nutrients that are required by the body. So, when an individual consumes the supplements, they are able to get the right amount of nutrients which they are unable to receive from the regular diet.

Switch to dietary supplements

There are different types of dietary supplements that are responsible for inducing the nutrients in the body in the most natural way. You can find protein supplements, vitamin supplements, testosterone supplement, creatin, omega-3 and few more. Almost all the celebrities prefer consuming these health supplements for boosting their overall health. These are also categorized as legal and have fewer side effects in case they are not taken as per the instruction. Out of these, protein supplements are popular among the people. Since, proteins are the building blocks of the muscles in a body so when a person starts consuming protein supplements, they are able to achieve a muscular body within short span of time. It is responsible for burning extra calories from your body and melts the body fat to give you lean and muscular body. Taking the right supplements in the required dosage can help in getting a muscular and fit body.