Furniture And House Items That Double As Fitness Equipment

It is not necessary to drive across town to a well-equipped gym to score a great exercise. This is not a great idea because there are other alternatives to get the same result. One alternate is working out at home. This is so quick and easy to do. You can use home furniture and utensils as helping aid in a workout. In short, you have all the things to convert it to a high-end gym.


The couch is best for any exercises which require sustaining a good mass of your body weight.

Glute bridge with elevated feet

You can use the couch for push-ups. Place your feet on the couch and consume your energy by pushing body up. You can also perform following types of exercises with the help of the couch:

Single and double leg hip thrust

Triceps dip

Mountain climber

Single-leg squat


You can get some cardio with the help of a staircase. Following are the benefits you can get with the help of staircase:

i. Staircase sprint

Running up and down on staircase skipping every second step can aid in increasing the glute activation.

ii. Depth jump

You can perform giant step forward towards the ground in a squat position while feet should flat on the floor. Continue this jumping until you are able to jump immediately after you land.

Chairs can be used in the exercise to get benefits from it. Following types of exercises can be performed with the help of a chair:

i. Calf raise

Placing one hand on the back of a chair for balance and standing next to a chair push through your feet to raise your heels high and lower them.

ii. Lunge

While standing in front of chair apart your feet hip-width, place the hand on the chair for balancing your body. In this position keeping your chest forward and shoulder up, take a long step towards the front with one foot and then bow both of your knees towards the floor. When the thigh of the leg in front is parallel to the floor, pause, return to your start position. In reverse lunge step back instead of forwarding.


i. Wall sit for a specific time

Stand with your back against the wall and apart your feet in hip-width. Bend knees and go into squat position, in this position hold your body for the amount of time you want.

ii. Feet up the wall

Face towards wall go into high-plank position in this position soles of your feet should flat. Brace your body like you are going to get a punch in the gut, keeping your body straight from head to toe, slowly move your hands towards the wall and take your feet up the wall. In next turn reverse the movement.


Leg lift

Hanging off your legs on the edges of bed lie on your back. Extend legs keeping in air, and this should make your body L-shaped. Keep your body in this position, while keeping your legs together and straight, start lowering legs till they reach below the top of the bed and after that squeeze your abs to lift legs back to start.