Steroids- Not All Bad After All!

We all think that using steroids as a form of treatment is never a viable one because it eventually starts to produce negative effects in your body. But, we need to understand why exactly doctors prefer using this in a specific treatment.

The reason is obviously some of the positive effects that steroids have, and this article will talk about all those benefits.

  • Steroids help to increase the recovery speed in our bodies. Cortisol is a hormone in our body that handles stress but at the same time damages muscle tissues that are used in the recovery of injuries etc. When steroids are taken the production of these hormones is regulated, and recovery from injury is improved.
  • Steroids are known to multiply the amount of nitrogen we have in our body and this in result helps to increase the muscle size as well. Increased nitrogen basically fastens the production of the protein which is used for muscle production. Steroids will help increase muscles without any rigorous training, but if that is combined, then results will be surprising.
  • Steroids users after some time get a fast metabolism rate. This helps to reduce their body fat and therefore also achieve the goal of fat loss. Along with this, steroids increase the production of some cells that are called “mitochondria,” which help to oxidize and therefore reduce fat.
  • We all keep talking about the harmful effects of steroids, but little do we discuss its surprising efforts in treating many medical conditions. One type is steroid helps to strengthen bones and is, therefore, helping to treat osteoporosis. Some forms of cancer are being controlled and to some extent are being treated with the aid of steroids. Steroids are being used to treat people that get into massive accidents, and this helps to recover them at a much faster rate than normal.
  • Steroids have proven to be a source of increased red blood cell production. There is a disease known as hemolytic anemia in which the production of red blood cells is stopped. If steroids weren’t there, then these patients would really have no other choice. Steroids have helped to increase their life span. Steroids have also proven to increase stamina and general energy levels. Due to this reason, a lot of athletics use steroids, and they all are pretty much satisfied with the results.
  • Steroids help to increase physical strength and body endurance levels. This means that people will feel stronger and of course, the muscle increase will surely reflect the same thing. Their endurance level increases because they are able to withstand rigorous training regimes. This is the reason why many bodybuilders and trainers have been forever attracted towards steroids. It helps them achieve their body goals faster.
  • Steroids have also proved to help males who are specifically having sexual performance issues. The steroids increase production of testosterone which their body is not capable of producing anymore. The amount is set by the external administration.

However, their long-term and unmonitored use cause several side effects. So, one needs to be careful while using the steriods.